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Frequently asked questions

No. In fact, over the last several years, a significant proportion of PCA Foundation grants have gone to non-PCA churches and charities although the greater proportion have gone to PCA churches, presbyteries, committees and agencies, or associated ministries. However, the PCA Foundation will not make grants to organizations whose messages or activities of which are antithetical to orthodox Christian teaching or the moral, mental, emotional, or physical well-being of man.

The PCA Foundation can make grants only to 501(c)(3) organizations that are not antithetical to orthodox Christian teaching or the well-being of man. Before we will make a grant to any organization, we confirm its 501(c)(3) status and review its purpose, public statements, and activities.

We do the work to obtain this information. We likely have already approved your favorite ministries.

Doing so likely would not be productive. The PCA Foundation is donor-driven; it typically does not make grants other than pursuant to the recommendation of the donor to the fund from which the grant is to be made.

Yes. The PCA Foundation may accept gifts of real estate after due diligence that confirms real value and the absence of liability risk. Please visit our Non-Cash Gifts information page to learn more and get in touch with us to discuss the gift of real estate that you are considering. To initiate a gift of real estate, please visit the gift instructions page on this website (or call or email us).

Yes, please contact us. We would be happy to provide you with the materials you need.

The PCA Foundation can accept gifts of stock in certificate form. For instructions on how to gift stock in certificate form, please visit the gifting instructions page.

You can find information about stock gifts on our gift instructions page on this website. In short, the process is simple. First, use the form on that page to notify the PCA Foundation of the name of the securities to be transferred and the number of shares. Then, the PCA Foundation will provide to you its account information and delivery instructions, and you will instruct your broker to transfer the stock to the PCA Foundation. Please do contact the PCA Foundation prior to making any transfers, even when you have made previous transfers, to ensure proper credit of your stock gift.

Absolutely—the PCA Foundation gladly accepts gifts of mutual funds. The PCA Foundation has gift clearing accounts at a number of different brokerage and mutual fund firms. If we do not have an account open at the firm where your mutual fund shares are held, we are happy to open one in order to accept your gift.

To make a gift of mutual fund shares, provide the requested information on the gift instructions page of our website (or contact us by email or phone). We then provide you our account information and delivery instructions, and you instruct your mutual fund company to transfer.

Mark Bailey

Yes. The PCA Foundation is able to help plan and to accept gifts of privately-held business interests, and cryptocurrency. As described on the Non-Cash Gifts information page, gifts of such appreciated assets typically are highly tax-efficient, and provide the greatest amounts for giving. Before acceptance, the PCA Foundation performs due diligence to confirm real value and the absence of significant liability risk. To initiate a gift of privately-held business interests or of cryptocurrency, please visit the gift instructions page on this website (or call or email us).

Yes, provided all conditions for deductibility are met. The PCA Foundation is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501(c)(3). It also qualifies as other than a private foundation within the meaning of section 509(a) of the Code because it is an organization described in sections 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(i) and (vi).

“PCA” stands for Presbyterian Church in America. It is a Christian denomination which subscribes to the Westminster Confession of Faith as its statement of faith and is committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught in the Bible, which is the inerrant Word of God.

You can recommend grants on the donor portal page created for you when you open your fund, or you can complete and deliver to the Foundation via email or mail the form found here. You will provide the following information:

  • Name, address, and phone number of the organization to whom you wish to make a distribution. (If you have given to them previously, then simply the name is sufficient.)
  • Amount of the distribution
  • Desired use or purpose of the gift
  • Whether or not you wish the distribution to be made anonymously
  • Your desired frequency: Distributions may be one time, or if you wish, set up to occur automatically on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

You can download and read our full service guide to learn about the range of charitable services and solutions we offer. Click here to read that guide.

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