Added Value for Your Clients

Clients should not have to choose between a trusted financial advisor and a charitable foundation. We help you provide or introduce additional financial and estate services and opportunities to your clients, and we engage you to manage the investment of funds your clients set aside for giving, all the while respecting your role as the client’s most trusted advisor.

We value our relationships, and we respect others’ relationships, including the one between a financial, legal, or other professional and his or her client.

Christian clients typically desire to give to support the advance of the Kingdom and other charitable causes, and to learn how, when, and what they can give to maximize the conversion of tax dollars into giving dollars. We have a great store of technical knowledge and experience that we are happy to share with you to enable you to advise your Christian clients with regard to giving and help them achieve their charitable goals.

We also have the personnel, processes, and technology to plan and receive complex gifts, manage and liquidate the assets given, hold and manage the proceeds, and then grant the proceeds to charities over time pursuant to the donors’ advice. While holding those proceeds, we are able, upon the donor’s recommendation, to engage you to invest them.

We help your Christian clients accomplish their charitable goals—while enabling you to maintain your relationship with them – working with you to facilitate current giving as well as to plan long-term strategic giving.

Call us to discuss donor-advised funds, charitable split-interest trusts, gifts of appreciated non-cash property such as S Corp stock, LLC or limited partnership units, options, executive stock, or real estate, or other giving tools and strategies. We would enjoy helping and collaborating with you to help your Christian clients work out the love of Christ poured into their hearts by giving more and more effectively to advance and reveal the Kingdom of Christ.


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