Grant Distribution Recommendations

All recommendations for grant distributions from your Advise & Consult Fund® or Increase Fund must be made in writing. They can be mailed, emailed, faxed (see contact information below) or submitted via our online grant recommendation form.

Recommendations may be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • PCAF Donor Portal – the most convenient, efficient and secure method to submit grant recommendations. We encourage all PCAF account holders to register for and use the Donor Portal.
  • Grant Distribution Recommendation Form – submit grant recommendations by filling out and submitting a form on the PCAF’s website.
  • Download PDF – a PDF version of the Grant Distribution Recommendation Form is available to download. You can complete, sign and then mail or fax the form to PCAF for processing. For recurring grant recommendations, please be sure to indicate the frequency of your recommendation (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.), the date (month & year) it is to begin, and finally the date (month & year) it is to end. If applicable, you can provide the frequency and then indicate the distributions are to be continued “Until Further Notice”. This information may be entered on the “Designated for support of” line on the recommendation form.
  • Donor Designation form – this form enables you to manage who can serve currently with you as an additional advisor regarding the distribution of funds from your donor-advised fund.
  • Surviving Grant Recommendations form – this form enables you to make recommendations for grants from your donor-advised fund following the death or incapacity of the last founding donor.
  • If you do not wish to use either the Donor Portal or the online Grant Distribution Recommendation Form, you may mail, fax or email ( your recommendations in writing to the PCAF as long as the following statement is included, followed by your signature (if you email your recommendations, your typed name will be considered your legal signature):

“The grant(s) recommended in this notice is/are intended to benefit the recipient organization(s), not a donor, a donor advisor, or any related person, in accordance with the existing policies of the PCA Foundation.”

The following information is required for each recommendation form submitted to recommend grant distributions from your Fund:

  • Name of Fund.
  • Fund Account Number.
  • Person making the recommendation (name of Donor, Donor Advisor, etc.).
  • Name, address and phone number of the Christian ministry to whom you wish to make a distribution. If a grant distribution has been previously made from your Fund to the Christian ministry, then simply the name is sufficient.
  • Amount of the distribution. If you desire that the distribution continue automatically on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, please indicate the frequency and specify either “until further notice” or “through (provide date)”.
  • Designated for the support of________________(required only if applicable).
  • Whether or not you wish the grant distribution to be made anonymously.

We ask that grant distribution recommendations be no less than $250.00 per recipient Christian ministry. If a recommendation is for a grant distribution to a first time recipient, the recipient Christian ministry must first be approved by the PCA Foundation.

Special Note: Distributions from the PCA Foundation’s donor advised funds (DAFs), which include its Advise & Consult Funds and Increase Funds, are only permitted to benefit the organizations receiving the distributions, not the donors to the PCA Foundation’s DAF, donor advisors, or members of any donor’s or donor advisor’s family. This means that PCA Foundation’s DAF funds cannot be used (a) to satisfy any existing and legally binding pledge of a contribution made by a donor, a donor advisor, or a family member of either; (b) to support a fund-raising campaign or event in which a donor, a donor advisor, or a related person will be expected to receive admission tickets or any other gift of a more than negligible value; (c) to pay tuition, fees or other expenses associated with an educational, vacation, recreational or similar pursuit of a donor, a donor advisor, or a related person; or (d) to compensate, pay, or reimburse the expenses or benefit in a similar manner a donor, a donor advisor, or a related person in any circumstance in which the individual is not providing meaningful and extensive services to assist the charitable organization in carrying out its mission.

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