We facilitate greater giving to your PCA church.

When we think of giving to our churches, we think of the offering plate. But the offering plate is not equipped to facilitate all the kinds of gifts congregants would make if they could, so churches lose substantial available funding for ministry. The PCA Foundation steps in to facilitate all kinds of gifts for your church or other PCA organization: simple gifts made online, stock gifts, and more complex non-cash gifts, such as gifts of family or other private business equity, and real estate, as well as bequests and extraordinarily large gifts that congregants will make only if they are distributed to the church over time, or to the church along with other ministries. The Foundation also secures low-cost expert investment management for church funds.

Online Giving

Your church can use the PCA Foundation to facilitate inexpensive online giving. The process is simple: 1) You complete an enrollment form. 2) We establish a dedicated secure online giving page for the church. 3) We distribute accumulated amounts and giver information to the church weekly, and handle all charitable receipting.

Stock and Non-Cash Giving

The PCA Foundation has the experienced personnel, processes, and tools to explain, plan, receive, manage, and liquidate gifts of publicly-traded stock and other securities, as well as more greatly-appreciated non-cash assets such as private business equity and real estate, for the benefit of your church. A donor who gives all or a portion of an asset before sale rather than cash proceeds after sale can give substantially more to your church, in some cases almost doubling the dollars that can be given to the church instead of paid to the government in taxes.

Designated Funds

The PCA Foundation can hold in a separate fund and invest ministry funds of your PCA church, presbytery, committee, agency, or ministry. Obtain low-cost, expert investment management. Direct congregants and other donors to the Designated Fund for all kinds of gifts, and direct distributions back to your organization or elsewhere in any amount and at any time in your discretion.

Resources for your church

The PCA Foundation has discipleship resources to help your church rediscover the grace and joy of giving. Subscribe for a free copy of our five-day devotional and order a set for your church.

Articles and Insights