PCA Foundation Celebrates Record Giving

The PCA Foundation distributed a record number of grants in 2022 to PCA churches, committees, and agencies. The Foundation recorded over $8,750,000 granted to local PCA churches and denominational entities. The record was due in part to an innovative matching gift program for every PCA committee and agency.

“Our primary purpose as a Foundation is to see money granted to support the ministry of local churches as well as other kingdom-advancing ministries,” said Tim Townsend, president of the PCA Foundation. “We view this record as the direct result of God’s goodness and the generosity he creates in His people.”

The PCA Foundation is a donor-driven Foundation. Donors give assets and recommend grants to their local church and favorite Christian ministries. Beginning in 2020, the PCAF established a service to facilitate online giving for local churches at a heavily discounted cost. In 2022, the PCAF established a matching gift program for PCA committees and agencies. These initiatives were primary contributors to the record increase.

“We benefited greatly from the matching gift program,” said Chris Zurbach. Director of Philanthropy and Marketing for Geneva Benefits. “We saw a robust response from donors who wanted to see their gifts go further to assist widows and ministry leaders in need. A number of our donors use the Foundation and we are thankful for the ways they are encouraging more giving among God’s people.”

The PCA Foundation exists to facilitate generosity to advance God’s Kingdom. Recently, the Foundation has launched a new service to help generous Christians donate complex gifts like real estate and private business equity. A few months ago they also announced an expansion into Texas to serve churches and donors with the addition of regional senior director of complex gifts Greg Mattox.

The PCA Foundation continues to be responsive to the needs of churches with our online giving service and The Covenant Fund.