Increase Fund

Give. Grow. Grant.

The Increase Fund is a donor-advised fund designed for donors who want their funds to be actively invested in the market for growth. As with the Advise & Consult Funds, donors to Increase Funds recommend grants at their pace. Unlike the Advise & Consult Fund ® , the Increase Fund can rise (or sometimes fall) with investment performance, and is subject to a small charge for administrative costs.

Reduce Your Taxes

Maximize the charitable deduction and tax savings by giving and deducting in the year of the corresponding income. And when you give appreciated assets (public stocks, bonds, mutual funds, private business interests such as S corp stock and LLC units, real estate) to your fund rather than cash, you further greatly reduce taxes by both excluding capital gains and taking an income tax deduction for full market value. Capital gains and income tax reduction means you can give more – out of your tax bill rather than your personal income and estate.

Invest Your Giving

As the donor to an Increase Fund, you not only may choose when to make grants and the charities to receive them, but also may choose from a number of options for investing the fund. These include several Foundation-curated investment strategies, and, for larger accounts, your own recommended investment manager.

Advance God’s Kingdom

Your contributions to your fund and the investment earnings in the fund are available for grants to support and advance the ministry of your local church and other charities.

How It Works

Open a fund with an initial gift of $5,000 or more.

Deduct any gift from that year’s taxes.

Choose an investment strategy or recommend an investment manager.

View balance and grant at your pace, 100% online.

Receive regular reports of your account investment performance and contribution and grant activity online.

additional donor-advised funds

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Advise & Consult Fund

The Advise & Consult Fund is a donor-advised fund with no fees. Donate cash and other assets (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, private business equity, real estate) to your fund. Receive a tax deduction for the current tax year, and recommend grants at your pace to your church and favorite charities.

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Single Charity Fund

A single charity fund is a fund from which the PCA Foundation will make grants only to a single identified charitable organization. Donors frequently make qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) to a single charity fund as a rollover from an individual retirement account or individual retirement annuity because the limitation to a single charity makes it the only type of fund that may receive QCDs but still make grants at the donor’s pace.

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