Schedule of Charges

The PCA Foundation’s charges for operating costs are among the lowest of donor-advised fund sponsors, and it continually looks for ways to cut costs so that it can further reduce those charges. Its operating budget is reviewed and approved each year by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America.

  • No fees or charges on Advise & Consult Fund® funds or most single charity funds.
  • No “ministry grant” or other transactional charge for complex gifts. (The Foundation charges against the gift proceeds only any external intake, management, or liquidation costs it incurs for such a gift).
  • No investment management or oversight fee.
  • No other hidden fees.

The Foundation’s operating budget is underwritten by charitable contributions for operations some donors choose to give, and earnings on Advise & Consult Fund funds. In addition, the Foundation collects balanced-based charges, accrued monthly on the average daily balance (including the value of non-cash assets), from Increase Funds, Designated Funds, split-interest trusts (CRTs and CLTs), and endowments, in accordance with the following schedule. We invite you to compare these charges with the fees charged by other DAF sponsors.

On balance betweenAnnual charge is
$1 – $250,00075 bps (.0075)
$250,001 – $750,00050 bps (.0050)
$750,001 – $1,500,00033 bps (.0033)
$1,500,001 – $5,000,00020 bps (.0020)
Above $5,000,000Determined in discussion with donor

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