Gifting Instructions


You may leave amounts remaining in your estate at death to charity by making a specific, percentage, residual, or contingent bequest in a will, or distribution instruction in a trust, to PCA Foundation; or to leave amounts in retirement accounts or annuities, by designating the Foundation as a beneficiary on a form provided by your retirement account or annuity sponsor.  You may then provide to the Foundation easily changed instructions for ultimate distributions to charities you name.

Follow these easy steps to make a bequest to the PCA Foundation.

Complete this form to inform the PCA Foundation of your intent to make a testamentary bequest or instruct a post-death trust distribution to the Foundation, or designate the Foundation as an account or annuity beneficiary.  Completing this form does not bind you to make the bequest, instruction, or designation, or refrain from revoking it. 

Engage an attorney to draft the will, codicil, trust, or amendment, and provide the following identifier to him or her; or obtain the beneficiary designation form from the account/annuity sponsor or custodian, and complete with the following identifier: “PCA Foundation Trust, a wholly charitable trust located at 1700 North Brown Road, Lawrenceville, GA 30043, federal EIN 88-0752857.

Click here and complete the online form to advise the Foundation how to distribute your bequest or to name successor advisors.

If you do not have a Foundation donor-advised fund yet, open a fund to receive the bequest.  You can fund and begin using your fund immediately, or leave it unfunded awaiting the bequest.

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