Designated Funds

Low cost, professional management, and flexible giving options

The PCA Foundation can hold in a separate fund and invest ministry funds of your PCA church, presbytery, committee, agency, or ministry, including reserve, capital-campaign, restricted, special-purpose, and other funds. It draws on expert investment managers it has engaged for its donor-advised funds, at fees that reflect economies of scale due to investment for a large number of donor-advised funds and other church designated funds. The Designated Fund is subject to a small charge for administrative costs.

Congregants and other donors can give directly to the Designated Fund if you desire, perhaps as a tool in a capital campaign. They also can give a variety of different assets, not only cash, but also publicly-traded securities, and even appreciated private non-cash assets such as S Corp stock, partnership units, or real estate. They can give anonymously, and can even bequeath or direct gifts from their estate directly to the Designated Fund.

Retain Control

While the PCA Foundation invests, manages, and accounts for the Designated Fund, your organization controls all disbursements, and can direct distributions back to itself or on its behalf at any time and for any reason in its discretion. And we work with you to select an investment strategy that fits your organization’s goals and timeline for the fund.

Let Us Do The Work

We do the administrative work for each Designated Fund, lowering your administrative burden so you can focus on your ministry goals. Whether your goal is short- or long-term, the PCA Foundation’s Designated Fund is an effective way to enhance your organization’s stewardship of its financial resources.

How It Works

The PCA Foundation manages your fund and engages investment managers for it.

Decide when and how to use the funds, and call for disbursements as needed.

Receive regular reports of your account activity and investment performance.

Resources for your church

The PCA Foundation has discipleship resources to help your church rediscover the grace and joy of giving. Subscribe for a free copy of our five-day devotional and order a set for your church.