Advise & Consult Fund®

Zero Fees, 100% Impact

The Advise & Consult Fund is a donor-advised fund with no fees. Donate cash and other assets (stocks, real estate, private business interests, etc.) to your fund, receive a tax deduction for the current tax year, and recommend grants at your pace to your church and favorite charities. Start your fund with an initial gift of as little as $1,000. To compare our fee schedule to that of other major providers, click here.

Reduce Your Taxes

Maximize your charitable deduction and tax savings by giving and deducting in the year of the corresponding income. And when you give appreciated assets (stocks, real estate, private business interests, etc.) to your fund rather than cash, you further greatly reduce taxes by both excluding capital gains and taking an income tax deduction for full market value.

Simplify Your Giving

All your giving, to all your favorite ministries, in one place and at your pace. Recommend grants, track contributions, get contribution and grant reports, and check fund balances using your online account.

Advance God’s Kingdom

100% of your account balance is available for ministry impact. Use your fund to support your local church and advance Christian ministries.

How It Works

Open a fund with an initial tax-deductible gift of $1,000 or more.

Deduct any gift from that year’s taxes.

View balance and grant at your pace, 100% online.

Review regular reports of your account activity online.

additional donor-advised funds

Our Increase and Single Charity funds offer alternatives to our Advise & Consult Fund.

Increase Fund

The Increase Fund is a donor-advised fund. It is designed for donors who want their funds to be actively invested in the market. Like donations to our Advise and Consult Fund, donations to an Increase Fund may be in the form of cash or appreciated assets. Unlike that fund, the Increase Fund is credited with investment gains or losses and is subject to a small administrative charge.

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Single Charity Fund

A single charity fund is a fund from which the PCA Foundation will make grants only to a single identified charitable organization. Donors frequently make qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) to a single charity fund as a rollover from an individual retirement account or individual retirement annuity because the limitation to a single charity makes it the only type of fund that may receive QCDs but still make grants at the donor’s pace.

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