Charitable Remainder Trust

Single Charity Fund

You may establish a single charity fund or funds.  A single charity fund is a fund from which the Foundation will make grants only to a single identified charitable organization.  Donors frequently make qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) to such a single charity fund as rollovers from an individual retirement account or individual retirement annuity because it is the only type of advised fund that may receive QCDs.  See IRA Charitable Rollover.

But you may have additional or entirely different reasons for opening a single charity fund.  You may want to secure consistent funding for a particular charity over time, perhaps extending even beyond your lifetime.  You may want to open a single charity fund to which you can invite family and friends to contribute as part of a personal fundraising effort for the charity.  There may be technical tax reasons to open a single charity fund related to such a fund’s exclusion from the definition of a donor-advised fund and its avoidance of certain restrictions placed on such donor-advised funds by the tax code. Please contact us if you believe any such tax reasons may appertain to your giving objectives or circumstances. 

Click on the link below to apply for one or more Single Charity Funds to receive specified portions of the amount to be received from the IRA custodian, and wait to receive email confirmation from the Foundation that it has approved all fund you recommend.


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