Online Enrollment Announcement

The PCA Foundation has now launched online enrollment for its flagship donor-advised funds. Donors are now able to open a new donor-advised fund and make their initial contribution online through a new digital enrollment process.

“Our donor-advised funds provide Christians with a simple way to give. Now, we have made it even simpler for new donors to start giving,” said Tim Townsend, president of the PCA Foundation. “Three years ago, we introduced the donor portal, which made it possible for donors to monitor their funds and make grant recommendations online. However, new funds still could only be created through traditional paperwork and physical signature. Now, we are excited to introduce a new digital option that enables users to enroll online through a quick and easy three-step process and make their initial contribution.  We trust online enrollment will prove especially useful in the year-end giving rush.” 

Donor-advised funds have experienced tremendous growth over the past decade, facilitating more than $23B gifts to charity in 2018.[1] The PCA Foundation offers the following donor-advised funds:

  • Advise & Consult Fund® – this is the Foundation’s most popular donor-advised fund. With zero fees, 100% of a donor’s gift is available for distribution to their local church or preferred charity.
  • Recommend Endowment – this is the donor-advised fund for those who would like to see their donation actively invested in the market for growth. This fund is subject to low charges for administrative costs.

Donor-advised funds are a useful tool for donors to donate cash and other assets (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and more complex gifts), and receive a tax deduction for the current tax year while being able to recommend grants at their own pace to their church and favorite Christian ministries. Donors can even give anonymously to charities through their donor-advised fund.

Through its funds, the PCA Foundation and its donors have granted nearly $200M to local churches and Christian ministries. The digital enrollment process is just one initiative among others the Foundation has underway. Looking ahead to 2020, the Foundation plans to enhance the ability it already has to process the most tax-advantageous complex gifts, such as gifts of privately held S corporation stock among other assets.

About the PCA Foundation

The Presbyterian Church in America Foundation facilitates generosity to advance and show God’s Kingdom. Located in Lawrenceville, Georgia, the PCA Foundation provides charitable financial services to Christians, enabling them to carry out their stewardship responsibilities and charitable desires to financially support the Kingdom of Jesus Christ through the Presbyterian Church in America and other Christian ministries.

[1] See 2019 DAF Report from the National Philanthropic Trust.