Insights on Women and Generosity

Women Doing Well commissioned a study to examine philanthropy among Christian women. The 2012 study discovered numerous trends concerning women and money, which could directly correlate to giving. Here are three compelling insights related to the remarkable way God is resourcing women:

#1 Women hold most of the household wealth in the U.S.

Currently, women control 51 percent of personal wealth ($15 trillion) in the U.S (1). This number is expected to increase significantly in the next 10 years. Lynne said this is due to several factors.

“More women are entering college and graduate school than men, and female earning power has increased, as well,” Lynne explained. “This is an extraordinary time. God is resourcing women like he never has before in history.”

#2 Almost half of U.S. businesses are either managed or owned by women

With more and more women graduating from college, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the education is paying off. About 48 percent of all U.S. businesses are either managed or owned by women. This figure is also expected to increase.

Currently, women run 13 million businesses in the U.S. These enterprises employ 16 million people and generate about $2.6 trillion in annual revenue (2).

#3 Most women will be the primary decision maker of their family’s finances

For many years, men were the ones controlling the checkbook. However, the number of women signing the memo line is growing. This is reflected in weekly tithes.

According to the study, 95 percent of women will be their families’ primary decision maker at some point in their lives (3). With so many women in the U.S. making important financial decisions, generosity solutions tailored with women in mind are more important than ever.

“Women are being asked to be good stewards of more and more,” Lynne said. “With almost all women becoming their families’ primary financial decision maker at some point in their lives, it is more important for women to be better educated in financial management and kingdom investment opportunities.”

Despite this, Lynne, whose husband is a PCA teaching elder, believes that many churches and nonprofits are not fully engaging women. Many organizations have been slow to adjust to contemporary realities.

If you are a pastor, church leader, or financial advisor, you can’t overlook the important role women play in stewarding God’s resources. From the earliest days of Jesus’ ministry, women have been known for their sacrificial and faithful giving.

At the PCA Foundation, we are privileged to witness the generosity of women firsthand. From young women starting their careers to elderly widows, women are using our Advise & Consult Fund®, endowments, and charitable trusts to facilitate their generosity to advance God’s kingdom. Take time to give thanks for how God continues to stir women to generosity and let them know the PCA Foundation exist to serve them.


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