Smart Giving Workshop

A free workshop for your church members

Hosted by the PCA Foundation

During our workshop, your members will learn:

Biblical View of Wealth and Giving

Practical Ways to Save Taxes to Give More

Estate Planning Concepts and Tools

Tim Townsend

Tim is president of the PCA Foundation, a ruling elder, and a legal expert in charitable gifts.

Greg Mattox

Greg is senior director of the PCA Foundation, a ruling elder, and an experienced estate planning attorney.
  • FREE: As a ministry to your church, the PCA Foundation will cover all associated costs.
  • PRACTICAL: Your church members will discover ways to give much more to your church and their other favorite ministries. 
  • FLEXIBLE: The workshop can be delivered in the context of a Sunday school class, small group, or as a special workshop. We will adjust to what your church’s schedule permits.

We will accommodate to fit the constraints of your church.

Your members can choose to attend one or both of these sessions:

Session 1: Basic Estate and Gift Planning (45 minutes)

We will introduce your people to helpful tools and common pitfalls in passing out their estates, and to simple giving tools and techniques that maximize impact.

Session 2: Giving Non-Cash Assets and Advanced Gift Planning (45 minutes)

We will introduce and illustrate for your business and property owners and high-taxable-income earners advanced strategies for converting the most tax into kingdom giving.

We provide in an inter-session for all attendees a brief overview (20 minutes) of Scripture that provides a biblical framework for thinking about wealth and giving.

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