A Texas-Sized Vision of Generosity

The PCA Foundation has experienced tremendous growth among donors and churches throughout Texas over the past five years. Now, we are adding staff to help more individuals, families, and business owners across the Lone Star State contribute simple and complex assets to advance God’s Kingdom.

We are excited to announce the addition of Greg Mattox as senior director of major and planned gifts for the state of Texas. As a licensed attorney with experience in estate planning, Greg educates donors, advisors, and churches on the tax and charitable benefits of different gift approaches, as well as the considerable income benefits for donors and their families that some gifts can provide.

Greg is experienced and ready to serve:
Serving Individuals: Providing information and advice on the advantages of donor-advised funds and charitable trusts.

Serving Families: Guiding families who want to explore tax-efficient strategies for the disposition of their estate to children and charities.

Serving Business Owners: Educating the owners of closely-held businesses on how to contribute part and all of their ownership to charitable causes prior to the sale of their business.

Serving Financial Advisors: Introducing advisors to the Foundation’s unique partnership which enables them to manage their client’s charitable assets.

Serving Churches: Informing church leaders on the Foundation’s investment management services for church assets and generosity workshops for church members.

Serving Nonprofits: Helping board members and executives understand estate planning and legacy giving as a way to serve donors and further their mission.

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