PCAF Passes Major Milestone

Recently, the PCA Foundation reached the major milestone of $150,000,000 in total distributions to PCA churches, PCA Committees and Agencies, and other Christian ministries. “We facilitate generosity to advance God’s Kingdom,” according to Randy Stair, President of the PCA Foundation. “This money comes from donors who then recommend gifts to Christian churches and organizations. Like the apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians, we want to celebrate the grace of God as it expresses itself through generosity.”

The PCA Foundation is the donor-driven foundation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). The mission of the PCA Foundation is to provide charitable financial services to Christians, enabling them to carry out their stewardship responsibilities and charitable desires to financially support the Kingdom of Jesus Christ through the Presbyterian Church in America and other Christian ministries.

In 1997, the board of the PCA Foundation wasn’t sure of the long-term viability of the foundation. The incoming gifts weren’t at the level needed to sustain operations. The board made significant changes that resulted in the foundation experiencing consistent growth in donations and distributions annually. Many of these gifts come through the Advise & Consult Fund®, a donor-advised fund with no fees. This fund enables Christians to be generous in more ways than they can through the offering plate.

“As exciting as it is to reach this level of generosity, we believe there are many members of PCA churches who still don’t realize the services available to them through the foundation. We help people do simple things like donate stock as well as more complex transactions like establishing a charitable trust.” Grants from the foundation are distributed to local churches, mission agencies, campus ministries, and other Christian organizations.

The continued growth of the foundation is not only represented in their distributions but also their staffing. The staff has grown over the past few years, and they are currently reconfiguring office space to prepare for two additional staff members. “Obviously, we believe the foundation’s growth is primarily the result of God moving people to be generous with their resources. Secondarily, we believe our Advise & Consult Fund® has provided Christians a very accessible way to give in more ways than they can through the offering plate. Finally, God has blessed us with a staff that loves to serve donors. We are still small enough to offer outstanding customer service but large enough to facilitate complex transactions.”

The PCA Foundation is self supported, its operating income is primarily from investment and fee income. It does not solicit donations from PCA churches. Churches are encouraged to promote the foundation to their members. When church members use the foundation, their local church tends to be one of the primary beneficiaries.

If you or your church have questions about the foundation’s services, please contact our office.