PCAF Doubles Volume of Grants

The PCA Foundation (PCAF) recently reached a major milestone in the life of the Foundation: the PCAF has doubled the amount of grants to churches and Christian ministries over the past five years. The Foundation has increased average annual distributions to $14M per year, compared to $7M from the previous five-year period.

The PCAF is a donor-advised foundation, facilitating simple and complex gifts. Donors get an immediate tax deduction and recommend grants to churches and ministries over time. The Foundation has doubled the volume of these grants, furthering its impact on the PCA as a whole, its churches, and its members. 

“We are humbled by the generosity of God’s people and His provision as we continue to steward these funds for the advancement and revealing of the Kingdom,” says Tim Townsend, President of the PCA Foundation. “As a Foundation, we strive to find ways to increase contributions and grow the value of contributed funds, not for our own gain, but to increase the amount of distributions to the glory of God. We want to take this time to thank our donors for their sacrificial giving, commitment to the Gospel mission of the PCA, and continued co-labor with the Foundation.” 

The PCA Foundation is the donor-driven foundation of the Presbyterian Church in America, with the mission of working with donors to greatly increase the amount they can give by giving tax-efficiently, enabling them to carry out their stewardship responsibilities and charitable desires to financially support the spread of the Gospel and the advance of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. The primary beneficiary of most distributions continues to be local churches and ministries of our connected church such as Mission to the World and Reformed University Fellowship.

Many of the gifts made to the PCAF come to the Advise & Consult Fund®, a donor-advised fund with no fees. This fund enables Christians to give more than they can through the offering plate. The Foundation provides numerous additional tax-efficient charitable vehicles, including the Increase Fund, which is designed for donors who want their funds to be invested for growth.  Unlike the Advise & Consult Fund, the Increase Fund and other vehicles carry a small administration charge.

“As a Foundation, we strive to make giving accessible and impactful for Christians of any financial threshold,” says Townsend. “In doing so, PCAF has built an incredible staff that offers exceptional customer service and complex planning and transactions. We hope each member of the PCA considers utilizing the PCAF as a means to charitably steward the assets God has entrusted to them.”

Despite a difficult year for our nation and world, the PCA Foundation received a record level of contributions, totalling over $42,300,000. These contributions position the Foundation to even more rapidly increase the rate of distributions over the next couple of years. 

In addition to growing contributions to the Foundation, the PCAF expanded its capabilities to facilitate complex gifts like private business equity and cryptocurrency. The Foundation can now facilitate the donation of almost any asset no matter its size or complexity. Churches are encouraged to promote the foundation to their members. When church members use the PCA Foundation instead of other options, their local churches tend to be primary beneficiaries.

If you or your church has questions about the Foundation’s services, you can learn more by visiting our website or contacting our office.