Give to the PCA Foundation for the work of TRINITY CHURCH ABERDEEN

The PCA Foundation (PCAF) is pleased to accept cash and credit card contributions to its Trinity Church Aberdeen_ Scotland, UK single charity fund #10312. Please note that your contribution to the fund is for an approved purpose of PCAF, the support of Trinity Church, rather than to a donor-advised fund (and your contribution will not create a donor-advised fund or sub-fund). Since the fund is not a donor-advised fund, you also may direct to it qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) from your IRA. As required for deductibility, your contribution to PCAF is irrevocable, and the funds you contribute to the Trinity Church fund will be subject to the full discretion and control of PCA Foundation as to their use. In making any contribution to PCAF, you agree that your contributions to and interaction with and use of the systems of PCAF, and its use of contributed funds, are subject to the terms and conditions found HERE.

Please note as well that as PCAF grants accumulated contributions to the church, it will provide the church with a list of contributions and contributors (except as contributors expressly request anonymity). And note that credit card contributions incur a merchant fee (payable to the merchant, not PCAF).

If you would like to open a donor-advised fund with PCAF for future grants to Trinity Church or other approved charities, please click HERE.

In the event you would like to contribute appreciated publicly-traded securities, whether to the Trinity Church single charity fund, or to a PCAF donor-advised fund, please complete the “Donate Appreciated Securities” information request form located below the cash donation form.

And in the event you would like to contribute non-publicly-traded assets such as real estate or interests in closely-held businesses, please contact us at:

Telephone: 800-700-3221