New Matching Grants for PCA Committees and Agencies

The PCA Foundation is launching an initiative to provide matching grants for PCA committees and agencies. Each committee and agency will have every dollar matched over a thirty-day period for new initiatives and special projects they are undertaking. The purpose of the program is to incentivize giving and increase the base of supporters for each of these important ministries of the church. 

“The Foundation exists to make grants to support and advance the work of Christ’s church,” according to Tim Townsend, president of the PCA Foundation. “We’ve experienced unprecedented growth over the last few years. Though we are donor-driven, we’ve been blessed with a significant increase in giving which has resulted in discretionary funds thanks to gains on invested assets. Our board voted at its March meeting to designate funds specifically for PCA committees and agencies as a way to help them share in the abundance we’ve experienced.”

Every month, the PCA Foundation will feature a matching gift opportunity and provide a way to give on its website. The Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM) is the first beneficiary to be featured. They will receive a match for every donation up to $10,000 total and will put the combined funds to use for a children’s ministry initiative

The growth of the PCA Foundation over the past few years can be seen in both the number of donors it is serving and the overall amount of donated assets under management, which has increased fourfold in a five-year period. The Foundation has expanded its capabilities to receive complex assets which has resulted in significant donations of business assets. 

According to Townsend, “We believe God is the source of generosity. He has moved people to share the assets he’s entrusted to them. We are simply stewards of those funds and as stewards, want to be generous ourselves.”

The PCA Foundation is a donor-driven foundation, providing donor-advised funds, establishing charitable trusts, and facilitating complex gifts. The primary beneficiary of grants continues to be PCA churches and ministries.