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IRA Charitable Rollover

The IRA Charitable Rollover, which is a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), permits individuals who are 70 ½ to make a distribution from a traditional IRA to a qualified charity. By law, Advise & Consult Fund® accounts and Recommended Endowment accounts at the PCA Foundation are not eligible to receive IRA Charitable Rollovers because they are “donor-advised” funds. Read the terms and conditions for a QCD.

The only way we can accept an IRA Rollover is if a written, signed agreement (which designates to which Christian ministries, how much and when distributions are to be made by the PCA Foundation) is in place with the PCA Foundation prior to the initiation of an IRA Rollover to the PCA Foundation.

Signed agreements for handling IRA Rollovers must be received by the PCA Foundation no later than December 1st. Once the signed agreement and distribution from your IRA have been received, you cannot recommend any changes to the agreement. Please be aware that the PCA Foundation will not be able to process requests after December 1st to handle IRA Rollovers.

If we receive an IRA Rollover with no written agreement in place, the distribution will be returned by the PCA Foundation to the IRA administrator and you will be advised accordingly.

Contact Us Prior to Initiating An IRA Rollover


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