Giving more

Giving More, Easily.

“In a word,” said Tim Townsend, President of PCAF, “the Foundation enables the church to give and grant more—much more—each year.” 

Although Christians in any PCA church can generously give, and any PCA church can accept cash and check offerings, the Foundation has the unique ability to facilitate a special kind of donation: complex gifts. When an individual donates a complex gift through PCAF, it greatly increases their tax savings, thereby enabling donors to give far more to their ministry, charity, or church of choice.

To put it simply, when you give a complex gift through the Foundation, you maximize the amount of money available to give. To learn more about how complex giving works through the PCAF, check out our video below.

As we look to the future, we’re committed to being a comprehensive resource for donors and churches in the PCA. We thank you for your continued co-labor with us as we seek to advance and reveal God’s kingdom through wise stewardship of your generous giving. 

To learn more about making a complex gift or to refer a church member, please click here. To download this video please click here.