General Gift Information

Please note the following general information about your gift, which we hope you and your professional counsel will find useful.

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Note as critically important that you are responsible to identify and comply with all requirements to secure a charitable-contribution deduction for your gift.  The IRS insists on strict compliance with all such requirements.  We urge you to obtain the assistance of your own qualified professional tax counsel, and remind you that neither PCAF nor any of its staff may provide any legal or other professional advice or service to you, and the following may not include every requirement for securing a deduction for your particular gift under the circumstances.

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Receipt: To deduct any gift of $250 or more, you must obtain by the day you file your return, and no later than the due date for filing, and retain, a receipt that meets the requirements of Code section 170(f)(8).  We have provided a receipt.  Please keep this receipt with your tax records.

Determining Deduction Value.  The Internal Revenue Code permits you to deduct the fair market value of the securities you contribute on the date of the contribution as a general matter, subject to limitations based on your adjusted gross income and other limitations.  The Internal Revenue Service advises in Publication 561 that if there is an active market for the contributed stock or bonds on a stock exchange or elsewhere, and there were sales on the contribution date, then the fair market value for purposes of deduction is the average price between the highest and lowest quoted selling prices on the contribution date.  Please consult with your qualified professional tax advisor, and review Publication 561, Publication 561 (01/2023), Determining the Value of Donated Property | Internal Revenue Service (, to determine the fair market value under other circumstances.

Form 8283: You must complete and submit with your income tax return an IRS Form 8283 if the deduction you claim for your gift, or your gift and other similar gifts you make to any donee in the tax year, is more than $500.  Proper completion of the entire form, including the description of the property donated in Section A, Part I, Line 1, is necessary, and consultation with your professional tax counsel is always a good idea.

PCAF System Use Agreement:  The System Use and Gift Agreement (“Agreement”) to which you agreed when you enrolled for the fund establishes your and PCAF’s respective rights and obligations with regard to our interaction in charitable ministry.  As a reminder, the Agreement, as amended from time to time, is available on our website at Thank you again for the opportunity to serve with you in grant-making for the advance and revealing of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.