Can the PCA Foundation only make distributions (gifts from particular funds, established with the Foundation) within the PCA?
No. In fact, over the last several years, approximately one third of the distributions from the PCA Foundation have gone to non-PCA churches and ministries. The remaining two thirds went to PCA churches to PCA Committees and Agencies.
What are your requirements for making distributions from the PCA Foundation?
The PCA Foundation can only make distributions to 501(c)3 Christian organizations. Before we will make a distribution to any organization, we require a copy of their 501(c)3 letter from the IRS and their Statement of Faith. We will do all the work in obtaining this information. The chances are that we already have the required paperwork for your favorite ministry.
How can I learn about all your services?
You can download and read our full service guide to learn about the range of charitable services and solutions we offer. You can find it HERE.
Can my ministry apply for a grant from the PCA Foundation?
No. The PCA Foundation is what is referred to as a “donor-driven” foundation. That means that the grants that we make are typically at the request or recommendation of particular donors, according to the specific fund agreements. We do not generally accept proposals for grants.
Can I gift land or real estate to the Foundation?
Yes. Gifts of Real Estate may be accepted by the Foundation, upon satisfaction of certain conditions. Please call us at 800-700-3221 to discuss the gift of land or real estate that you are considering.
Do you have any materials about the Foundation or about particular services that you offer that I could make available to others in my church?
Yes, please contact us. We would be happy to provide you with the materials that you need or authorize other arrangements.
How can I gift stock certificates?
The PCA Foundation can accept gifts of stock in certificate form. For instructions on how to gift stock in certificate form, please visit the Make a Gift page.
How can I gift stock held in my brokerage account?
Please notify the Foundation of:

  • the name of the securities to be transferred and
  • the number of shares
  • The next step is for you or your broker to contact Mark Bailey, the PCA Foundation’s Business Manager, at 800-700-3221 to obtain delivery instructions. Please contact the PCA Foundation prior to making any transfers to ensure proper credit of your stock gift.

You can also review our Make a Gift page for more gifting details.

How can I gift mutual funds?
The PCA Foundation will gladly accept gifts of Mutual Funds. The Foundation has gift clearing accounts open at a number of different Brokerage or Mutual Fund firms. If we do not have an account open at the firm where your Mutual Funds are held we are happy to open one in order to be able to accept your gift.

If you wish to gift Mutual Funds, please contact Mark Bailey, the PCA Foundation’s Business Manager, for further information and instructions. You can also review our Make a Gift page for more gifting details.

Mark Bailey

Is my gift to the Foundation tax deductible?
Yes. The PCA Foundation is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501(c)(3). It has also been determined that it is not a private foundation within the meaning of section 509(a) of the Code, because it is an organization described in sections 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).
What is the PCA?
“PCA” stands for Presbyterian Church in America. It is a denomination which subscribes to the Westminster Confession of Faith as its statement of faith, and is committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught in the Bible, which is the inerrant Word of God.
How can I recommend distributions from my Advise & Consult Fund or Increase Fund?
You can find the instructions and form for recommending grant distributions here. If you wish to recommend a distribution from your Fund, please provide the following information:

  • Name, address, and phone number of the organization to whom you wish to make a distribution. (If you have given to them previously, then simply the name is sufficient.)
  • Amount of the distribution
  • Desired use or purpose of the gift
  • Whether or not you wish the distribution to be made anonymously
  • Distributions may be one time, or set up to occur automatically on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis if you wish.

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