Enhance Year-End Giving

If you want to enhance your offerings, here’s 3 simple steps to follow.

  • INVITE church members to give non-cash gifts to support the work of your church. Remember, they have these assets available to give but the offering plate cannot process them. That’s where the PCA Foundation can assist your church.
  • DIRECT interested church members to the PCA Foundation. We have a gift clearing account with most of the major brokerage firms.
  • CHECK the church mailbox for a check from the PCA Foundation payable to your local church. We turn their non-cash gift into a cash contribution to your church.

It’s that simple. In fact, here’s some text to include in your church bulletin to encourage members to make use of this valuable service:

We encourage our members to make use of the PCA Foundation to assist with processing non-cash gifts (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate) to support the work of the church. Simply call (800-700-3221), email (pcaf@pcanet.org), or visit their website (pcafoundation.com). They’ve helped process more than $150M in gifts to advance God’s kingdom.

Remember, December 31 is the last day for gifts to qualify for a charitable tax deduction in the calendar year. Don’t wait. Direct your members to make use of the PCA Foundation so your church can facilitate more generosity to advance God’s kingdom.