The PCA Foundation (PCAF) is pleased to announce a move to exclusive electronic grantmaking effective November 1, 2023. Therefore, in order to process grants to your organization electronically, PCAF needs banking information from your organization. There are numerous reasons for this change of which the most important are faster delivery of grants to you, faster grant processing times, lower grant processing costs, and reduced instances of check theft and fraud.

The person within your organization responsible for incoming contributions will use the secure Microsoft Forms form below to provide the organization’s bank routing information. Microsoft Forms encrypts the data both at rest and in transit. You will see a Microsoft disclaimer at the bottom of the form stating that we have not filed a privacy statement with Microsoft and advising you accordingly not to provide sensitive information. Please note that in fact PCAF has adopted a privacy policy (although it has not submitted it to Microsoft) and is publishing it to every party from which it requests banking and other confidential or sensitive information:

PCA Foundation will not share, sell, or otherwise disseminate or disclose to any third party other than its payments processor for any purpose without your express permission (which you are NOT deemed to grant merely by providing such information to the Foundation) any information you provide to the Foundation in any form and by any means that is not otherwise publicly available, and will use such information only to contact you and to process electronic payments to you. You at any time may require the Foundation to delete from its records any such information by calling or emailing Mark Bailey, Business Manager, at (678) 825-1054, mbailey@pcanet.org.

As an additional security measure, PCAF is requiring entry of a security PIN during submission, please contact us if you did not receive the security PIN for your organization. Any submission without a valid security PIN will be deleted.

As a complement to exclusive electronic grantmaking, PCAF will send to you grant correspondence exclusively via email. Please be sure to submit the appropriate email address for receiving grant correspondence electronically.

As a reminder, PCAF will no longer make grants by paper check after November 1, 2023. We encourage you to complete the EFT Grant form as soon as possible to prevent delays in grants recommended for support of your organization. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this email, at pcaf@pcanet.org, or 678-825-1040.

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