Deduct Now and Distribute Later

Thomas is part of a thriving real estate business. Every December, he and his colleagues receive a share of the profits they’ve helped create throughout the year. Thanks to God’s kindness, Thomas has received a substantial amount of additional income every December. He and his wife decided to give a significant portion to their church and other Christian ministries. The check arrives mid-December amidst the busyness of the Christmas season. They have little time to make a thoughtful decision before the charitable deduction deadline of December 31 arrives.

Thomas and his wife remove this burden simply by opening an Advise & Consult Fund® with the PCAF. The Advise & Consult Fund from the PCA Foundation (PCAF) is a donor-advised fund that takes the hassle out of holidays when it comes to charitable giving. Now, they donate a portion of their bonus to their fund, receive an immediate deduction, and then recommend places to direct the funds at their own pace.

With the Advise & Consult Fund®, donors can start a fund with as little as $1,000. Simply follow these three simple steps:

  • Open a fund with the PCAF.
  • Donate cash or other appreciated assets (stock, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate). You will receive an immediate tax deduction.
  • Recommend churches or ministries to receive gifts at your own pace.

It’s that simple. Deduct now and distribute later. Even better, there are no fees! 100% of the funds you donate to your fund are available for distribution.

If you want to support your church and other Christian ministries while taking advantage of the charitable deduction deadline, open an Advise & Consult Fund. It will simplify your generosity as you seek to advance God’s kingdom with the resources he’s entrusted to you.