A doctor with a PCA Foundation Advise & Consult Fund

A doctor with an existing PCA Foundation Advise & Consult Fund® learned about a special opportunity for a new church plant to purchase an existing church building. However, the church plant did not have the ability to obtain a mortgage loan. The doctor contacted the PCA Foundation and asked if a below-market interest rate mortgage could be issued to the new church plant using funds from his Advise & Consult Fund.

The PCA Foundation had the flexibility to accommodate the doctor’s recommendation, and the new church plant was able to buy the building. Now, as the church repays the mortgage, the funds are returned to the doctor’s Advise & Consult Fund, allowing him to continue his support of other Christian ministries.

(Note: the photographs used in our PCAF Donor Stories are for illustration purposes only, they are not images of the actual donor(s).