A couple selling their business

A couple in the process of selling their business decided to be faithful stewards of what God had entrusted to them by funding ministry work through tithing from the proceeds of the sale. During this process, their Pastor encouraged them to use this tithe to support ministries other than just their own local church. Several years earlier when the couple first joined the church, their Pastor had given them a brochure about the PCA Foundation.

The couple remembered reading about the various charitable financial services offered by the PCA Foundation and decided to call and ask for a meeting with the President of the Foundation to learn more about how the Foundation could assist them with their charitable giving. After the meeting, the couple decided that the Advise & Consult Fund®, a donor-advised fund, was the appropriate service for accomplishing their stewardship goals and donated their tithe from the sale of their business to their new Advise & Consult Fund.

Because their contribution to the Advise & Consult Fund was fully tax deductible in the year it was made, they were able to partially offset the taxable gain on the sale and then use the resulting balance in their Advise & Consult Fund to support their church and other Christian ministries during future months and years.

(Note: the photographs used in our PCAF Donor Stories are for illustration purposes only, they are not images of the actual donor(s).