A couple owning appreciated land near their home

A husband and wife owned a parcel of land near their home that had appreciated in value. They decided to divide the parcel into several home site lots to sell. To help facilitate their charitable giving desires, the couple decided to gift one of the lots to the PCA Foundation so that when the land eventually sold, the proceeds would be available in their Advise & Consult Fund® for ministry.

The PCA Foundation accepted the gift of land, and was soon approached by a family desiring to purchase the lot. The husband and wife who donated the land to the PCA Foundation received a nice income tax deduction based on the fair market value of the gift, and avoided capital gains tax on the appreciated value of the property. Therefore, there was more money available to support ministries. In addition, the resulting balance in their Advise & Consult Fund can be used whenever they want to financially support their local church and other favorite Christian ministries.

(Note: the photographs used in our PCAF Donor Stories are for illustration purposes only, they are not images of the actual donor(s).