5,300,000 Reasons To Praise God

In 2016, the PCA Foundation distributed more than $5,300,000 to local churches in the PCA.

Here’s two things you need to know about how churches benefit from the generosity of the PCA Foundation:

1) The PCA Foundation is a donor-driven foundation. Donors are the source of our funds. They also recommend the destination of the funds. The PCAF sends funds to churches recommended by donors. We do not accept or respond to grant requests.

2) Churches benefit from the generosity typically when their members make use of the foundation’s services. The PCAF is able to assist members in ways that the average local church is not equipped to do. We help church members process stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate. We help them establish trusts and endowments. We are able to help members give in ways the offering plate does not make possible.

It is in the best interest of your church to promote the services of the PCAF to your members. When church members utilize the PCA Foundation their local church is often the beneficiary.

You can promote the PCA Foundation to your congregation using the resources found here.