3 Ways Advisors Collaborate With the PCA Foundation

At the PCAF, we have the privilege of working alongside financial advisors to help their clients accomplish their charitable giving goals. We compliment rather than disrupt the advisor-client relationship.

Here’s 3 ways advisors collaborate with the PCA Foundation:

1. Advisors can collaborate with the PCA Foundation while maintaining your current level of assets under management. In many instances, instead of transferring assets from under your management, the PCAF can simply open an account with your firm to custody and invest the assets donated.

2. Advisors can collaborate with the PCAF for both short and long-term needs. We have helped advisors utilize donor-advised funds for their clients to accomplish annual giving. We have also collaborated with advisors for long-term solutions like charitable trusts, endowments, and the facilitation of charitable requests.

3. Advisors can collaborate with the PCAF to execute or help facilitate complex transactions for their clients. For example, we are experienced with handling gifts of real estate and dealing with the multiple variables that accompany complex transactions.

We are ready to serve you and your clients in any way we can. Contact us to explore the ways we can collaborate to achieve your client’s goals.