3 Problems With Your Offering Plate

You may not realize it but the offering plate is actually restrictive. At the PCA Foundation, we facilitate generosity to advance God’s kingdom in ways the offering plate can’t handle.

Here’s 3 problems with your offering plate:

1. The offering plate can only accept one type of asset: cash. The majority of your church members assets are not cash. They exist in the form of appreciated assets like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, business equity, and real estate. We help church members donate appreciated assets. Keep your church members informed about the work of the PCAF.

2. It doesn’t permit anonymity. Church members cannot give money and take advantage of tax deductions while remaining anonymous when using the offering plate. Church members often want to remain anonymous, especially if a large gift is involved. When church members open an account with the PCAF, they can recommend grant distributions to their local church while remaining anonymous.

3. It is too small. It isn’t unusual for church members to have a significant income-producing event during the year, such as receiving a bonus or an appreciation of value in their investments.. They may want to give a portion to their church. However, they feel uncomfortable giving $25,000 at one time. Instead, they open an account with the PCA Foundation, receive an immediate tax deduction, and then pace their giving over a longer period of time.

When your church members use the services of the PCA Foundation, your church members have more ways to give than the offering plate permits them. Mention us in your bulletin, distribute our brochures, and list us on your website. Please personally refer members to the PCAF who you believe may benefit from our services.

Remember, when church members use the PCA Foundation, it is churches like yours that are often the primary beneficiary. Visit our website to learn about the different ways we can help your church facilitate generosity to advance God’s kingdom.