2022 Annual Report

Enabling Christians to carry out their stewardship responsibilities and charitable desires
to financially support the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

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The PCA Foundation has grown FOURFOLD in the past five years

10,000+ Devotionals sent to congregations and given to commissioners

10% of all PCA churches are using the Foundation’s online giving tool

3,000 Donors assisted in 2022

$59M+ In contributions

$22M Direct cryptocurrency contributions

$27.5M Total complex gifts

$175M+ in cumulative grants made to PCA agencies, committees, and churches

$271M+ in cumulative grants made using the PCA Foundation

When it comes to our giving, we tend to focus on percentages and amounts. Am I giving enough? But Paul focuses on the attitude of our giving rather than the amount of our giving: “God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7). As Christians debate whether or not they are obligated to give a tenth of their income, it is good for us to pause and ponder Paul’s focus on the motivation behind our generosity.

It typically isn’t fun to part with your money. Whether it’s an unexpected car repair or medical expense, no one tends to enjoy watching the balance of their account trend downward. How can God expect us to be joyful when we give to the work of Christ’s church? Unlike our other expenses, our gifts to God are not mere debits. Rather, they are both returns on investments God has made and investments we make which will yield a spiritual return.

In the passage about being a cheerful giver, the surrounding verses compare giving to farming. Paul writes, “whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully;” and “he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness.” (2 Cor. 9:6, 10). Our giving is like scattering seed, the grace God has given to us in Christ. A farmer is generous with his seed because he knows it will likely result in a greater harvest. Similarly, we can be joyfully generous because we know God is going to use our offerings to grow his Kingdom and bring thanksgiving and praise to him for his work in us.

As president of the PCA Foundation, I am encouraged by the joyful generosity of God’s people. I get to help people give away all types of assets (cash, stocks, business equity, cryptocurrency, real estate, etc.) to churches and charities. Every person who gives technically damages their personal net worth.

Yet, they voluntarily do so because God has done a miraculous gracious work in their heart, and they believe God will use their gifts to advance the gospel.

We’re excited to report that we continue to see joyful generosity in record-setting numbers. More people are giving to more churches and ministries than ever before in our history. We are also experiencing an increase in non-cash donations, as people willingly and joyfully give their businesses, real estate, and more.

The Foundation doesn’t exist merely to receive gifts. Rather, our highest priority is to see gifts distributed to local churches, Christian ministries, and other God-honoring causes. Last year, the PCA Foundation set a new record for total money distributed to PCA churches and committees and agencies. It was a joy for us to “sow” these grants and we anticipate that the Kingdom of God will reap bountifully from them.

We thank you for your joyful generosity! Our prayer is that God will continue to cultivate a generous spirit among Christians and that we would find great joy in investing in the work of His Kingdom.

The PCA Foundation is always looking for ways to stir up the spirit of giving among God’s people and provide them with strategic opportunities to give. Here are some examples:


At the beginning of the pandemic, many congregations were ill-equipped to collect offerings online. The PCA Foundation responded by establishing an online giving platform for churches to use at a heavily discounted rate. Due to the overwhelming response, the Foundation has continued the service and continues to draw considerable interest in it. Through its online giving service, the Foundation is able to reduce the technological and financial burden that comes with processing online donations.


In 2022, the PCAF established a matching gift program for PCA committees and agencies. These initiatives were primary contributors to the record increase in giving the Foundation experienced throughout the year. “We benefited greatly from the matching gift program,” said Chris Zurbach. Director of Philanthropy and Marketing for Geneva Benefits. “We saw a robust response from donors who wanted to see their gifts go further to assist widows and ministry leaders in need. A number of our donors use the Foundation and we are thankful for the ways they are encouraging more giving among God’s people.”


At the request of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Nashville, the PCA Foundation has established The Covenant Fund. All donations to The Covenant Fund will be granted in collaboration with the leadership of Covenant Presbyterian Church to assist with the immediate and ongoing relief and restoration of people and property affected by the recent shooting at the Covenant School on the church campus. This is a special purpose fund designed to ease the administrative burden on church administration and enable the facilitation of appreciated assets to this worthy cause.


The Covenant Fund is an example of a new fund called a Charitable Purpose Fund. The Foundation establishes a Charitable Purpose Fund on its own initiative or as proposed by a donor or groups of donors to receive contributions and make grants to support stated charitable purposes, ministries, or types of ministries. It is not a donor-advised fund and therefore can be established also to make grants to support foreign charities or to provide scholarships or benevolence grants to needy persons. In addition to the Covenant Fund, the Foundation thus far has established Charitable Purpose Funds for support of a seminary in a closed country, a church in the U.K., a church planting network in the U.K., a family that suffered the loss of a father in tragic circumstances, and a strategic diaconal pilot project of Central Florida Presbytery.

Summarized Financial Information Tables

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Looking Ahead


We all tend to look for certainty in places where we were never intended to find it. This is especially true when it comes to money. We are tempted to think economic certainty would bring us personal fulfillment.

But this is a falsehood. The only certain hope we can have is found in Christ. All other ground is sinking sand. Economic sands are shifting and we have no idea when they will stabilize. People fear inflation but also recession. But God invites all people to consider that the birds depend on him every day to supply their needs. The good news is that God values humans more than hummingbirds (Matthew 6:26). If God is faithful to winged creatures, we can have certainty that he is the provider for the needs of those he has created in his image.
As we look forward, we are excited to serve with Christians whom God enables and calls to give in all seasons. In addition to serving with donors to support churches and other charities every week, we also have two special initiatives we are launching:

Texas Expansion. As we look at the people God has brought to give more through our services, we realize that Texas is the most well-represented state among our donor base. We have hired Greg Mattox to be our representative to churches and charities, donors, and advisors throughout the state of Texas and the Southwest. By having a representative embedded in the Lone Star state, it will enable us to serve more effectively there without diminishing the quality of service we are offering to donors in all states.

Complex Gifts. Over the past few years, we have steadily improved our ability to process gifts that don’t fit in the normal offering plate. Recently, we introduced the ability to receive cryptocurrency. We have also begun to process more complex gifts such as gifts of privately held business interests. Now, we will more formally promote our ability to facilitate complex gifts for generous Christians, churches, and charities.

Our prayer is that God will use the people of the PCA to make the name of Christ more widely known in the world and multiply and strengthen the ministry of His church.

Our Team

Tim Townsend


Mark Bailey

Business Manager

Greg Mattox

Senior Director,
Major and Planned Gifts

Tracey Avery

Office Manager/Gifting & Operations Assistant

Donna Roberts

Accounting Assistant

Erica Thompson

Sr. Staff Accountant

Karyn Grimes

Grants Processor

Terri Sinclair

Administrative Assistant

Amy Veerman

Administrative Assistant

Maureen Hudson

Administrative Assistant

Valerie Strickland

Accounting Manager

Board of Directors

Martin D. Wagner, Chairman

W. Russell Trapp, Vice Chairman

Willis L. Frazer, Secretary

John C. Alexander

Patrick W. Curles

Owen H. Malcolm

Robbin W. Morton

Andrew M. Schmidt

Andrew M. Schmidt

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