Free Virtual Seminar: Tax-Efficient Giving Strategies for Major Donors

Thursday, Jan. 15, 2021 | 6 p.m. EST

Did you know you can give other assets besides cash? And that with the right strategies, you can greatly increase your kingdom giving and reduce your tax burden? Tim Townsend, the president of the PCA Foundation, will be sharing different kinds of tax-efficient giving in a Zoom seminar on Thursday evening, January 15th.  

In two one-hour sessions, Tim will talk about how to give non-traditional assets (like stocks, bonds, real estate, or a business) and how you can greatly increase your giving by maximizing the tax savings of the gift.

Option #1: BASIC Giving Strategies

  • What can you do when you have a sudden surge of income (ex: bonus)?
  • What about when an increase in income puts you into a higher tax bracket?
  • What are the best options for those 70 with a sizable IRA?
  • What can you do when you own a life insurance policy you no longer need?
  • How can you donate significantly-appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, etc.)?
  • How can you donate significantly-appreciated cryptocurrency?

Option #2: ADVANCED Giving Strategies 

  • What are the most tax-efficient options for giving away a portion of accumulated wealth?
  • How can you set aside money for future charitable giving while drawing an income from it?
  • How do you give appreciated developed or undeveloped real estate, especially if you are contemplating a sale?
  • What are the options for donating all or part of a privately-held business (regardless of form—sole proprietorship, limited partnership, LLC, S corporation)?
  • How can you decrease your tax burden when giving executive stock or stock options?

Make sure you register to join us for this special education event to learn how to give simple and complex assets to advance God’s Kingdom.

This content is delivered by Tim Townsend, the President of the PCA Foundation. The mission of the PCA Foundation is to provide charitable financial services to Christians, enabling them to carry out their stewardship responsibilities and charitable desires to financially support the Kingdom of Jesus Christ through the Presbyterian Church in America and other Christian ministries.

The PCAF’s “niche” is working on the donor’s agenda for charitable giving, often through a donor-advised fund and the donation of complex gifts.


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