As we pray for God’s mercy and peace for those suffering amidst the war in Ukraine, we also realize the opportunity to live out the love of Christ in us and share from the resources God has entrusted to us.

We are using this page to promote ministry projects we and your fellow donors to PCAF have been able to identify that are responsive in Jesus’ name to the current crisis, with their sponsors, project names, and links to more information. PCAF has approved each sponsor to receive grants.

A donor who has an existing Advise & Consult Fund® or Increase Fund may recommend grants from the fund for these projects within the Donor Portal. Note the particular project name in the “For Support Of” box. For those who have not yet opened an Advise & Consult Fund, you may do so here. For those who have not yet opened an Increase Fund, you may do so here.

To provide initial or additional funds to your fund for granting, go to Give Now to make a cash gift, or reach out to Tracey Avery at (678) 825-1048 to make a gift of marketable securities, real estate, or closely-held stock or partnership units.

A donor who wishes to make a new contribution all for the support of one of these projects, whether the donor does or does not have a PCAF fund, may contribute directly to the sponsor, or may contribute to PCAF with an immediate grant recommendation for the project. In the latter case, contribute cash at Give Now, noting the sponsor and project name and the acronym “IGR” (for immediate grant recommendation) in the “Gift Purpose” box; or call Tracey Avery at (678) 825-1048 to make a non-cash gift. For these IGR contributions, we ask that you consider designating a small portion of your contribution to help defray PCAF’s costs of processing the contribution and the grant.


Samaritan's Purse NYC

As Ukraine faces the devastating reality of a Russian invasion, MTW missionaries and members of 15 partner churches of our Presbyterian denomination in Ukraine are on their knees seeking the Lord’s mercy, protection, and wisdom. Our churches in western Ukraine are caring for refugees moving toward the western border and into neighboring countries, and we are working with them to provide aid and resources to believers and the surrounding community, both inside Ukraine, and across the border. Please give to provide food, shelter, clothing, and other essentials to those in need. And please join us in prayer. We are posting updates regularly.


Dollar Value of PCAF Grants:  $187,100

Number of PCAF Funds/Donors Providing Grants:  27

COVID Relief banner

Music Mission Kiev has been in Ukraine for 30 years and we have an intimate knowledge of how we can help. Our banks are still functioning well and we are in constant contact with our staff. Many of them are being evacuated and we are helping them have the funds to move and help any of our widows find refuge as well. Even today our church’s pastor, Ruslan took car loads of people from the Puscha area to shelter in one of our apartments for now because it is close to a subway station/bomb shelter and safer than where they were. 

Our greatest opportunities to directly help are opening up and happening quickly, such as renting vehicles to take groups to somewhere with greater safety. We were able to send money to those people still in Kiyv on Monday. They are finding some food and still giving away part of what they have to those fighting for them. If we have the funds available now we can immediately help, but if we are waiting for people to give to MMK, then we will be slowed greatly in sending the urgent care and supplies needed. I will always say for you to give where God is leading you. We would love your help and support but you need to give to the place God is calling you to help.

Dollar Value of PCAF Grants: 

Number of PCAF Funds/Donors Providing Grants: 

Samaritan's Purse NYC

Music in World Cultures (MIWC), an international music ministry focused on equipping people for musical outreach and worship in their native language and music, currently operates three humanitarian supply lines into Ukraine – MIWC Ukraine operates two lines, driving aid to Ukrainians and evacuating refugees on their return trips; and MIWC Northern Europe manages a third line transporting supplies from Estonia, through Poland and into Ukraine.

Supporters to MIWC’s mission are enabling the purchase of essential transport vehicles and providing funds that are being used to purchase humanitarian supplies and move them across Ukraine into the hands of the victims of the Russian invasion. 

MIWC musicians turned humanitarian workers bear witness of God’s love to each of these hurting people by meeting their needs with a servant’s heart.

Dollar Value of PCAF Grants: 

Number of PCAF Funds/Donors Providing Grants: 

Refugee Outreach Clarkston, GA

Samaritan’s Purse has a strong network of 3000 church partners we work with to share the Gospel through Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts. We will work alongside local churches and ministry partners to help displaced people—in Jesus’ name—who are fleeing violence and facing an uncertain future.

  • We currently have DART (Disaster Assistance Response Teams) in Poland, Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine.
  • Our Emergency Field Hospital (EFH) is being set up on the outskirts of Lviv, Ukraine. (This EFH will have 2 operating rooms and 60 inpatient beds)
  • We plan to send a smaller medical clinic bound for Moldova on an additional flight this week.
  • One flight departed on March 8 with additional supplies for EFH and a chartered 747 departs on March 10 with equipment to scale up the EFH. Will also include tarp, blankets, clothing, and medical clinic.


Dollar Value of PCAF Grants: $25,250

Number of PCAF Funds/Donors Providing Grants:  6


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