Rediscover the grace and joy of giving through this free, five-day devotional from John Stott

Day 1

The Grace and Gift of Christian Giving

The grace of giving is a spiritual gift. But is it a gift given to all or just a select few?

Day 2

Christ-Centered Giving

Christian giving should never be less than proportionate to our income. But what does it mean to “give according to your means”?

Day 3

The Equality & Integrity of Christian Giving

Paul was determined not only to do right with money, but to be seen doing right. How can Christians steward their finances with integrity?

Day 4

The Motivation of Christian Giving

Why are some blessed with wealth, while others are in need? And why should Christians give in the first place?

Day 5

The Symbolism of Christian Giving

There is more to Christian giving than meets the eye. How is giving an expression of our theology?

As Christians, we’re called to give generously and with joy. And yet, few of us actually live that way. In this free, five-day devotional, world-renowned pastor John Stott takes you through the apostle Paul’s teaching on Christian giving and draws out practical principles you can apply to your life.  

About the Author

John Stott (1921-2011) was a pastor to pastors, a servant of the church in countries across the globe, and author of more than 50 books, including seminal classics such as Basic Christianity and The Cross of Christ. Stott’s personal and prayerful decision to donate all of the income from his books and speaking honoraria launched and grew Langham Partnership—a ministry that reflects his heart to develop and resource biblical leaders around the world.

*Special thanks to Langham Partnership, founded by John Stott, for providing the content of this devotional. Visit to learn more about his ministry and explore resources.

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