the good life

5-day generosity devotional

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Rethinking the Good Life

Wicked people lead happy lives with their Instagram stories, flat abs, and exquisite vacations.

So is God the path or the obstacle to the good life?

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God is Good

Satan tries to convince you that God is not good, and that He is actually withholding good things because He doesn’t want you to have them. Is God good or is He withholding good?

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The Good News

Robert Owen wanted to build a perfect utopian city. No one would be poor, and no one would be oppressed.

Is the good life a place to be sought after?

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Good Gifts

Your worth is not found in your paycheck, the square footage of your home, or your level of physical fitness.

So where does your worth come from?

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The Goodness of Eternity

Because heaven is God’s throne room, it is a place overflowing with His goodness. How could this change the way you live presently?

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Give smarter

The Bible calls us to more than merely appreciating God’s gifts. We have to move from appreciation to imitation. That means giving of our financial resources just as He gave himself up for us. Our donor-advised funds have been used to advance the Kingdom through grants in excess of $206M to more than 3,300 ministries.

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