Invest for Greater Giving with an Increase Fund 

Aug 23, 2021 | Original Content

At the PCA Foundation, our mission is to maximize how much PCA members and other Christians can give to advance and reveal the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

For every person who wants to give to charity, there is a type of asset to give, a time to give, and a way to give that reduces taxes to the greatest extent possible. We help Christians identify and make the gifts that divert the most dollars towards the Kingdom, enabling them to give far more than they thought possible. 

While many know us for our premier Advise & Consult Fund®, few are as aware of our Increase Fund. The Increase Fund is a donor-advised fund that’s designed for donors who want their funds to be actively invested in the market. Like any donor-advised fund, the donor receives a tax deduction and recommends grants at their pace (donors can even identify a specific ministry purpose when opening the account). 

However, unlike the Advise & Consult Fund®, the Increase Fund is credited with investment gains or losses and is subject to a small charge for administrative costs. 

Less hassle, more Kingdom impact. That’s what we call giving smarter

As the donor, you remain actively involved by recommending fund distributions. You can name others, such as your children, to recommend distributions as well. You also can choose from a number of options for investing the fund.

To set up an Increase Fund, you or your family can make either a one-time gift or multiple gifts. Donations may be in the form of cash or appreciated assets (publicly-traded and closely-held stock, bonds, mutual funds, or real estate).

The PCAF will handle administration, work with you to establish an investment strategy, and provide regular reports. 

What’s the primary benefit of setting up an Increase Fund?  

With the Advise & Consult Fund®, the only way to grow the fund is by putting more money into your account. With an Increase Fund, your gift can grow over time through sound investing, without being subject to capital gains taxes. That means more funds for you to give towards Kingdom purposes. 

Ready to invest and give with more Kingdom impact? Set up an Increase Fund today. Still have questions? Give us a call at (800) 700-3221 or send us an email to


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