COVID-19 Giving Opportunities

As we pray for God’s mercy to those suffering from the effects of COVID-19 and the economic shut-down, and for His preservation and advance of His church during these difficult times, we also realize the opportunity to live out the love of Christ in us and share from the resources God has entrusted to us.

We are using this page to promote ministry projects we and your fellow donors to PCAF have been able to identify that are responsive in Jesus’ name to the current crisis, with their sponsors, project names, and links to more information. PCAF has approved each sponsor to receive grants.

A donor who has an existing Advise & Consult Fund® or Increase Fund may recommend grants from the fund for these projects within the Donor Portal. Note the particular project name in the “For Support Of” box. Those who have not yet opened an Advise & Consult Fund or Increase Fund may do so here. To provide initial or additional funds to your fund for granting, go to Give Now to make a cash gift, or call Mark Bailey at (678) 892-1054 to make a gift of marketable securities, real estate, or closely-held stock or partnership units.

A donor who wishes to make a new contribution all for the support of one of these projects, whether the donor does or does not have a PCAF fund, may contribute directly to the sponsor, or may contribute to PCAF with an immediate grant recommendation for the project. In the latter case, contribute cash at Give Now, noting the sponsor and project name and the acronym “IGR” (for immediate grant recommendation) in the “Gift Purpose” box; or call Mark Bailey to make a non-cash gift. For these IGR contributions, we ask that you consider designating a small portion of your contribution to help defray PCAF’s costs of processing the contribution and the grant.

COVID Relief banner

PCA Ministerial Relief

URGENT: PCA ministry employees impacted by COVID-19 need your help now. The PCA expects a surge of requests for financial assistance from pastors and ministry employees who risk losing wages or even their job due to canceled worship services and economic decline. Your gift to PCA Ministerial Relief will provide emergency financial assistance to ministry employees as they pay for basic expenses such as food, housing, and medical bills. Because the need is urgent, the board of directors is matching all gifts up to $25,000.

Dollar Value of PCAF Grants: $6,150

Number of PCAF Funds/Donors Providing Grants: 11

Refugee Outreach Clarkston, GA

Refugee Outreach, Mission to the World

Jonathan and Beka H. lead the MTW team ministering to refugees from scores of nationalities in Clarkston, GA. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they are implementing a multi-faceted strategy of Word and Deed ministry to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the refugees in this community. There are many needs as most of the refugees have been laid off during this time. The five facets of their COVID-19 ministry are:

(1) Keeping Refugees Informed of updated COVID-19 guidelines and regulations in their own languages
(2) Counseling Refugees via FaceTime about health and safety issues, legal issues, housing issues and employment issues
(3) Supplying Refugees with vegetables, fruit and gift cards (as we are able) to ease their financial burdens
(4) Praying in Jesus’ Name with the refugees, and for them, during this time
(5) Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their heart languages.

Dollar Value of PCAF Grants: $2,409

Number of PCAF Funds/Donors Providing Grants: 2

Samaritan's Purse NYC

Samaritan's Purse

Samaritan’s Purse is working in Jesus’ Name on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic in two of the worst affected areas in the world. On March 28, we deployed an Emergency Field Hospital in New York City where the local medical infrastructure is severely overwhelmed. This response comes one week after Samaritan’s Purse opened an identical unit in Cremona, Italy—the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in Europe. Manned by nearly 70 medical professionals, these mobile hospitals are specially designed respiratory care units with ventilator-equipped ICU beds, general care beds, a lab, and pharmacy—allowing us to treat people suffering from the most acute symptoms of the virus. In addition to our two respiratory care units, Samaritan’s Purse has also responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by donating personal protective equipment to hospitals in the United States and China.

Dollar Value of PCAF Grants: $161,838

Number of PCAF Funds/Donors Providing Grants: 6

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Martha Ministry

Martha Ministry seeks to provide financial assistance to PCA Church Members who worked in the service industry (restaurants, hotels, travel) prior to Corona-19 and had either lost employment or substantial income because of the virus. Martha is recognized in Scripture as one who had the gift of service. (Lk.10.40; Jn. 12.2) Martha Ministry is a mercy project administrated through the Diaconate of Christ Covenant Church, Southwest Ranches, Florida targeting needy members in the South Florida and Sun Coast Presbyteries.

Dollar Value of PCAF Grants: $1,388

Number of PCAF Funds/Donors Providing Grants: 2

church food pantry

MNA Ethnos Coalition Relief Fund

Thousands of ethnic minority members of PCA congregations throughout North America have been affected particularly severely by the  COVID-19 shutdowns. Many worked as nannies, housekeepers, handymen, day laborers, dishwashers, busboys or home health care aides. Their jobs and their income have come to an abrupt halt, and few will qualify for any government relief. The majority lived paycheck to paycheck, and they have already exhausted their meager savings. Now they have no food to offer their children. For many, English is their second language, which makes accessing any local government assistance programs challenging if not impossible. Their church is the one place they know and trust to find help amidst crisis. This relief fund will provide temporary expanded resources for the diaconates of PCA churches that are experiencing exponential increases in need as they respond to their poor and marginalized ethnic communities, to enable them to give immediate relief to those in critical need.

Dollar Value of PCAF Grants: $9,042

Number of PCAF Funds/Donors Providing Grants: 6


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