Insights on Women and Generosity

Women Doing Well commissioned a study to examine philanthropy among Christian women. The 2012 study discovered numerous trends concerning women and money, which could directly correlate to giving. Here are three compelling insights related to the remarkable way God is...

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A very successful businessman

A very successful businessman in a small community, and a member of a small PCA church, established an Advise & Consult Fund® with the PCA Foundation. The businessman regularly tithed on his normal income to his church. However, in some years the businessman’s income...

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The Advantage of a Charitable Trust

A businessman established a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) with the PCA Foundation. This enabled him to take an income tax deduction for a portion of the gift and to avoid capital gains taxes on the stocks he used to fund the CRT. In addition, he received a lifetime...

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A local church deciding to close down

A local church made the hard decision to close down the ministry and to sell the church property. They contacted the PCA Foundation for assistance and established a Church Designated Fund to be funded from proceeds of the sale. Even though the local church closed...

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