PCA Foundation Celebrates Record Giving

The PCA Foundation distributed a record number of grants in 2022 to PCA churches, committees, and agencies. The Foundation recorded over $8,750,000 granted to local PCA churches and denominational entities. The record was due in part to an innovative matching gift...

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Special Advantages of Giving to a Church Foundation

There’s a question we often get: Why should I give through the PCA Foundation (PCAF) as opposed to other commercial institutions like Fidelity or Schwab, or even non-church Christian foundations? It’s a great question and one that allows us to highlight several overlooked advantages to co-laboring with the PCAF in charitable giving.

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Ukraine Giving Opportunities

As we pray for God’s mercy and peace for those suffering amidst the war in Ukraine, we also realize the opportunity to live out the love of Christ in us and share from the resources God has entrusted to us.

We are using this page to promote ministry projects we and your fellow donors to PCAF have been able to identify that are responsive in Jesus’ name to the current crisis, with their sponsors, project names, and links to more information. PCAF has approved each sponsor to receive grants.

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Turning the family business into a giving opportunity

Complex gifts include private business equity, real estate, oil and gas interests, and cryptocurrency among other things. Most of the wealth in congregations is in these non-cash assets, especially private business equity. Moreover, giving such assets converts the greatest amount of tax into Kingdom funding, frequently doubling the tax savings from giving a comparable amount of cash.

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