Ridge Haven Giving Spotlight

Ridge Haven welcomed more campers than ever before during the 2021 summer camp season. Thanks to great teaching provided by PCA pastors and RUF campus ministers alongside passionate college student counselor testimonies—campers and their parents reported marked growth in their kids.

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Opening a Donor-Advised Fund

At this year’s General Assembly, we provided an opportunity for attendees to receive their very own donor-advised fund (DAF) with $5,000 to grant to the ministry or ministries of their choosing. Raffle winner, Jared Kee, shares his experience in opening a donor advised fund with PCAF.

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AC GA Giving Spotlight

Although Christians in any PCA church can generously give, and any PCA church can accept cash and check offerings, the Foundation has the unique ability to facilitate a special kind of donation: complex gifts.

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PCAF Doubles Volume of Grants

The PCA Foundation (PCAF) recently reached a major milestone in the life of the Foundation: the PCAF has doubled the amount of grants to churches and Christian ministries over the past five years. The Foundation has increased average annual distributions to $14M per...

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Is Tithing A Christian Obligation?

If talking about personal finances is taboo, demanding an exact percentage of a person’s income is most definitely not a way to win friends. Tithing refers to the biblical practice of giving ten percent of your income to the Lord. The term income can be used more...

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