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A Profile of Randy Stair

Randy Stair’s relationship with time is patient endurance: he doesn’t rush or waste it. His favorite activities are fishing and hunting, forms of recreation where waiting is essential. Over his lifetime, he’s learned that patience and endurance yield their...

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Pastoring the Wealthy

As a pastor in a financially affluent community, here are four concerns I have shared with materially rich Christians.

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A Letter From Your “Rich” Church Member

Materially wealthy people are a niche group inside most every church in America. Here’s a few thoughts on wealth, generosity, and discipleship for pastors from a “rich” Christian in a PCA church.

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3 Important Facts About Year-End Giving

Church members are more likely to donate to their local church in the month of December than any other month. Find out the basic facts you need to know when it comes to year-end giving.

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Being Generous with Your Business

Rick Cope is a business owner, an author, and a ruling elder in his church. Discover how God expanded his view of generosity and is using him to challenge Christian business owners to be generous with their business.

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