Dear Friend, 

Thank you for your generosity toward building God’s kingdom through the ministry opportunities presented through the PCA Foundation. As the PCA now prepares to celebrate God’s faithfulness with our 50th Anniversary, we are so grateful to put this timely opportunity for thanksgiving and witness before you. 

A 50th PCA is not merely an important milestone for our church; it is a testimony to our Lord’s maintaining a Body of Christ committed to his inerrant Word and his sovereign mission for saving the lost. In 2023, the 50th General Assembly will meet in Memphis, Tennessee, and PCA members are already planning toward this marker of God’s provision. We hope you will join with us to make this a special celebration. A special committee (overseen by the Administrative Committee) has already been formed and tasked with the work of creating this celebration of God’s faithfulness at the General Assembly. This celebration committee will need financial resources to see their work completed, and we hope you will help us meet these needs: 

    • Covering Anniversary Committee meeting, communication, and travel costs so our 50th Anniversary truly honors the Lord and his faithfulness.
    • Creation of  historic resources that document our history, underscore the work that God has done, and provide inspiration for ongoing ministry that is faithful to Scripture, the Reformed faith,  and the Great Commission.
    • Celebration that unites the work of a local Host Committee with the General Assembly experience to stimulate thanksgiving and fellowship that advance the mission and ministry of our entire church. Our goal is not merely to look backward nor to applaud human achievements, but to so focus upon the Lord’s provision that our celebration itself will be ministry that advances Christ’s cause. We very much need your help for the unique and important planning that will make our celebration the cause for Christ that it should be. 

We are thrilled with what the Lord has done, and the Anniversary Committee is enthusiastic about this opportunity to praise him. Praising Him as is appropriate will take much more planning, energy, and funds. Our previous major celebration at the 25th Anniversary left the PCA Administrative Committee in a financially precarious situation, and we do not want a repeat that would hinder future ministry. We desire to design a Celebration that advances the mission of our church. Please come alongside us to promote a spirit of thanksgiving for what the Lord has seen fit to accomplices through His Church!

Thank you for your consideration, and may the Lord continue to bless this church and use her for the advancement of His Kingdom and the glory of His Name. 



Bryan Chapell, Stated Clerk

From the PCA Foundation: If you’re interested in supporting the PCA’s 50th General Assembly, simply visit our Donor Portal and submit a new grant recommendation to be directed to the PCA Administrative Committee.


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